History of SFA

 SFA was born in 1993. The first SFA was developed by Siebel Systems in the United States.

Sales activities rely heavily on personal assets (acquired business cards, connections, etc.) and tend to be impersonal.

Sales activities also require a lot of time away from the office, making them more difficult to manage than back-office operations.

SFA was developed to break through these problems in sales activities.

At that time, the main function of SFA was to create sales manuals, https://slimtime.co.jp/  with the aim of keeping sales skills up to date even when personnel were replaced.

Later, SFA came to be used as a tool to manage the progress of each individual case, which had previously been a black box, and to prevent omissions and omissions in operations by visualizing numbers such as appointment rates and conversion rates, and to standardize sales activities as well as to conduct more efficient sales activities.

When SFA was first introduced in Japan in 1997, it was still expensive and the mainstream was the on-premise type where software had to be purchased, and it took a long time to input data because many people were not familiar with computers.

In recent years, however, cloud computing has become widely used due to its low price, the lightening of laptops, and the spread of smartphones.

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